Introducing the P2P Gift Credit Card
The P2P Gift Credit Card helps with all your everyday costs, and is a revolutionary way to create credit for your relatives and friends.
Thanks to our innovative person-to-person system, you can generate more credit via emails, the web, and SMS texts, by creating new virtual credit card numbers. Each time you make new card numbers, you will receive £100 of gift credit! There is no credit card bill to pay at the end of the month, no late fees, and no risk of going into debt. The Peer-to-Peer framework grants you benefits that are hard to believe before trying. Don't hesitate, give yourself a chance to have better financial stability in your life. The P2P Credit Card is issued through the Global Basic Credit program, for people who need financial assistance without being squeezed by unaffordable interest rates and fees.
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About Basic Credit Network
The Basic Credit Network is unlike any financial institution you've ever dealt with.
Its worthy purpose, to provide you with easy and safe credit, relies on an innovative sustainable finance program. Basic Credit Network is a new not-for-profit independent monetary organization that issues P2P Gift Credit Cards through the Global Basic Credit program. The Basic Credit Network operates through an innovative sustainable financial formula that grants you easy and safe credit. The Peer-to-Peer system generates credit through the network of people that use the P2P Gift Credit Cards. The autonomous sharing of credit in our massive network is the proxy of the Global Basic Credit program, which grants credit to the P2P Gift Credit Cards. The P2P Gift Finance system is a sustainable personal alternative to the Fractional Reserve Banking system used in the perpetual creation of money by ordinary banks and credit institutions.
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