Voting for a consensual monetary policy
Please answer the following questions, as a continuation of the experiment in building the community of cardholders and engaging in the policymaking applied to the Global Basic Credit program:
Do you want to start spending your money on your P2P Gift Credit Card? YES

Do you think the community of Basic Credit Network needs an online forum to discuss the development of the proposed financial model as well as further steps for using the P2P Gift Credit Card? YES

Do you believe that the free creation of money by anyone will increase inflation? YES

Do we need to limit the number of peers that can be added for each user to avoid either inflationary or deflationary downsides? YES

Do you think the P2P Gift Cards should counterfeit any other currency besides the British Pound Sterling? YES

Do you think that we need a MasterCard edition of the P2P Gift Credit Card? YES

Are you a robot? YES

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